GTK+ is still getting there. Some keyboard input is supported and the menus (at lest at the top level) behave better.
Inkscape starts up and displays files, but the mouse messages need correcting.
Screenshot of ROLF on Linux, showing Inkscape running.  Click for larger image.
Screenshot of ROLF on Linux, showing gtk demo and example applications.  Click for larger image.
This was the state of the program near the end of January:
Screenshot of ROLF on Linux, showing translucent windows, movie player and improved nsgtk (NetSurf).  Click for larger image.
The screenshot, above, shows the GTK version of NetSurf running quite well despite many missing features in the GDK implementation, it actually shows a web page, now, although it's not responding to clicks. There are two truly translucent windows (the apple and the control panel), which are just PNGs displayed using the viewer application. The terminal window in the top left of the screen has the focus, indicated by the lighter title bar.

Last update: Wednesday 6th June 2007